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2015  1st team

12th Sept   Home V Sicklinghall. Match sponsored by Moorhouse Opticians

Lost by 94 runs

Sicklinghall 254/ 9       Tom Dean 4 for 50

Fenton 160/8         Tom Dean 100 not out


5th Sept     Away V Wetherby.  Match sponsored by Keith & Jean Ellis

Wetherby won by 2 wickets

Fenton 101/10    Steve Wragg 50 not out

Wetherby 102/8      Paul Heseltine 3 for 32


29th Aug      Home V Barwick.  Match sponsored by Station Farm Guest House

Barwick won by 5 wickets

Fenton 150/10           Kendal Edgley 73

Barwick 153/5


22nd Aug     Home V Bilton.  Match sponsored by Paynes Plumbers

Rain stopped play. Draw

Fenton 167/7

Bilton 115/4


15th Aug    Away V Kirk Deighton. 

Lost by lots

Kirk Deighton 349/4

Fenton 108/10     Adam Hanson 73


8th Aug    Home V Scarcroft.  Match sponsored by Sheila Seymour

Fenton win by 69 runs

Fenton 176/8     Stephen Wragg 66

Scarcroft 107/10      Kendal Edgley 4 for 46      Tom Dean 6 for 59


1st Aug     Away V Shadwell.  Match sponsored by Ronnie Poulter

Fenton win by 42 runs

Fenton 108/9     Kendal Edgley 59         Danny Langdon 22

Shadwell 66/10     Kendal Edgley 4 for 23       Adam Hanson 3 for 3


25th July    Home V St Chads.  Match sponsored by Jo Grogan

Fenton lost by 8 wickets

Fenton 136/10     Stephen Wragg 39  

St Chads 140/2


18th July     Away V Garforth PC.  Match sponsored by John & Kath Lofthouse

Garforth win by 74 runs

Garforth 260/1

Fenton 186/7     Danny Langdon 56*     James Stephenson 53*


11th July    Home V Old Leos.  Match sponsored by David Poulter

Fenton win by 1 wicket

Old Leos 223/10   Adam Hanson 4 for 73  Kendal Edgley 3 for 34     Tom Dean 3 for 43

Fenton 227/9   Tom Dean 53    Kendal Edgley 48   Adam Hanson 33


4th July    Away V Scholes.  Match sponsored by Jean Mason

Fenton win by 4 wickets

Scholes 129/10    Tom Dean 29   Adam Hanson 27

Fenton 132/6    Kendal Edgley 3 for 20


27th June Away V Sicklinghall. Match sponsored by Ronnie Poulter

Sicklinghall by 9 wickets

Fenton 65/9

Sicklinhall 71/1


20th June Home V Wetherby. Match sponsored by Keith & Jean Ellis.

With the pitch covered, we arrived at the home cricket, Church Fenton in light rain. With the opposition there before us, general chit chat was had about how much Tom's ears would have lowered. With the start time fast approaching, the covers are off and Kendall breaks the habit of recent weeks and wins the toss, electing to bat first. With a new opening partner John Wilkinson the score has moved to 23 when John plays too early and is caught for 14. Steve Harrison is out for his first duck in about 4 years before Kendall gets himself out again, trying to hit big and is caught on the boundary.

Tom joins Stu and they set out to repair 33-3. With good running, snatched singles and the odd boundary they add 83 for the next wicket before Tom lobs gently to mid on, the ball after stepping away from the bowler who was too keen for a good 22. Simon Beefy Wilman adds 12 before he misses a full straight one and Wraggy joins Stu with the score on 149-5. No further wickets are to fall in the last 8 overs with Fenton moving to 202-5 off 45. Wraggy finishes up 23 NO and Stuart T unbeaten on 95, with the last over going for only 3 when one hit would have been enough for yet another century. He was in fairness though batting with one leg due to pulling a hammy or something. All round though it was a good batting performance on a wicket offering assistance to the bowlers. Padded up and ready for anything was Lancs and Belly.

After yet another superb tea, this time provided by an opposing players mum who is a life member of our great club, we set out on the course to ultimate victory. Tom concedes a boundary in his second over before a snorter finds the outside edge and Stu takes a hobbling one handed catch at 1st slip. Now Wetherby are batting with 2 ex Fenton players, Richard Grogan and Tommy Hudson. They are creeping slowly, with Tommy hitting in the air without luck for Kendall, for long.


With the score on 30, Tommy tries it again. The ball is full, nipping back in and he attempts to hit it into the flyer. Simon "the beef" Wilman is under it and takes a great catch. The smile on his face is my MasterCard moment, PRICELESS. A further wicket for Kendall and they are in trouble at 35-3  off 18 overs. Stuart tries to bowl, sending down 2 overs for his most economical spell of the season for only 3 runs before admitting defeat and returning to first slip. Rob Lancs has a go with his left arm spin, and drops the only catch of the day off his own bowling, before catching it again to remove their dangerous 5 for a quick 23. Steve Harrison replaces Kendall and soon has the next wicket, well caught by Wraggy at square leg. With the required run rate creeping up to 8 an over plus, Lancs runs out their number 8 before Tom gets Richard G LBW. This is a remarkable event because the umpire was Richards dad. However, Tom has knocked the bails off with his foot and the decision is reversed. Tom bowls out his 12 and finishes with 26-1. Steve H then gets the wicket we all wanted, having Richard Caught behind by the excellent Paul W for a patient 42 of 37 overs.


Beef replaces Steve who changes ends and sets about finishing the game. Stuart Turner takes 2 catches at extra cover and mid wicket that went up miles. He hobbled into position to take both with the second a great catch with his back to the wicket, hobbling towards deep mid wicket to finish with 3 catches. Beef bowls the last man to finish with 8-3 and all 6 points are ours. A good all round performance, good batting, good bowling, great catching, lovely tea and bragging rights for another 11 weeks.


13th June Away V Barwick. Match sponsored by Len Marshall.

With several of the team having played the rain card, we turned up to find the pitch covered and in good condition. After changing and observing several players were slightly under weather due to a couple of shandies the night before, the toss was lost and we were asked to field.

With the field set, the opening pace attack of Tom and Kendall started. Tom beat the bat on several occasions without luck whilst Kendall was busy knocking in the inside and outside edges of the left handed opener. With good fielding the score was restricted as Barwick crept towards 52. Elliot gifted their opener a 4 and then became a man possessed, earning himself the knock name white lightening. Swales missed one and was LBW. Their number 3 edged a 3 before being bowled by the worst delivery of the century from Kendall. A cry of oh #### was heard as it was released, pitching closer to the umpire at the bowlers end. The batsman took and almighty swipe and was in his second revolution when it hit the bottom of off stump on its way down. What followed was the longest walk in history.

Jimmy Boom Boom replaced Tom for his first game of the season following surgery. He didn't have to wait long, getting their Aussie star Prosser caught behind by Paul W to leave them 95 for 3 off 25. Our Aussie Stuart Turner replaced Kendall who finished with 2-41 off 12. Their number 5 then proceeded to swing hard, hitting it into the air but without luck for Fenton. He scored an agricultural 62 before missing a straight one from Boom for his second wicket. They closed on 238-4 with Tom 26-0 off 12. It was a much improved fielding performance with special mention to Elliot, boom, Belly, Danny Rowe and Wragster. A reasonable tea was consumed and we set about chasing it down.

With Kendall opening with Rob Lancs, we progressed steadily to 24 before Lancs chased a wide one and was caught behind. Kendall followed shortly after to leave us 34-2. Some lusty blows for Beefy including a massive 6 before he was out for 15. All the while Stuart T was busy scoring singles and boundaries, scoring 1,4,1,4,1,1,4,1,4,4,1,4,1. You get the picture. Tom was busy supporting Stu until Stu turned one to short fine leg and he turned Tom back - A direct hit and Tom was out for 14. Wraggy joined Stu and added a further 40 before Stu was caught for an excellent 67. Wraggy is stumped to leave Paul Wilman with Stuart Bell. Stuart walked to the wicket, full of intent. He took guard. With a ball that swung 3 ways in the air, moved at least twice of the seam he is caught and bowled first ball. Barwick, recognising the significance of the wicket stand to give a Stuart a royal send off and round of applause. It was nice touch.  

With 20 still needed for the point Jimmy joins Paul. A couple of singles, a 6, followed by a couple of 4's before Boom is caught for 20 and we have our first point in 4 weeks. Paul is caught for 6 and Danny Rowe then proves to the higher order batsmen his ability by reverse sweeping the leading wicket taker in the league for a champagne moment. Elliot scores one before he is caught and bowled and we are all out for 186.


The positives are we bowled well in pairs and in patches. The fielding was vastly improved. We got ourselves into a good position to win the game but came up short. We are not far away from our next win. Well played lads. Wetherby CC next week with the return of Tommy and Richard.....


6th June Away V Bilton. Match sponsored by K & B Wilkinson

With a side assembled, we made the journey to Bilton, confident that if we put in a good performance,  we can come away with the points. With the late addition of Charlie C to cover for the ill Danny Rowe the toss was lost and we were asked to field. I also would have batted first.  

With the wicket offering plenty of variation and a head wind down the ground, it wasn't possible to bowl a seamer up the hill into the wind. Tom opened up, bowling a tight line and bearing the bat on several occasions and finding the edge without luck. Kendall opened up the hill, and was soon following the standards set by Tom and bowling very tightly. The first wicket came in the 10th over, with Steve H taking the catch standing up to hostile pace of Kendall to leave them 13-1. Danny L replaced Tom bowling a good line, but without much luck until opener Cameron missed a straight one. The next wicket fell shortly after to the returning Tom, having Hughes plum LBW for nowt, (that's a proper Yorkshire saying). A mini recovery saw Bilton pass the 100 before Langdon returned to bowl Lambert and Stu Turner added 2 more victims to his collection in quick succession. A late flurry with the bat saw them add a further 100 runs in the last 10 overs, leaving them on 205 for 6.

Returns for Tom was 25-1 off 12, Kendall 23-1 off 12 with Danny and Stu collecting 2 wickets apiece. On the whole we again fielded well, with only 2 catches spilled - Kendall dropping their Aussie cost us 40 runs on his way to unbeaten 100. Special mention to Bonk and Charlie who have filled in gaps within the team and have not let themselves down on the field.

A reasonable tea was consumed and we set about chasing the total. We had accrued the mighty score of 8 when Stu was adjudged LBW, which looked dubious at best but he was off. Beefy feathered his second ball behind and we are 10-2. Kendall was the next to depart for 6, caught behind. John was looking solid until the slow left arm spinner bowled him a full toss that swung 3 different ways in the air and moved off the seam before hitting the stumps - John was trying to deposit the ball into York, to be out for 6. We are now 20-4 and in danger of folding, but cometh the hour, cometh the men.


Tom and Wraggy then set about consolidating. With excellent shot selection the score began to creep up, soon we were past 50, then 100 without further loss. Wragg had moved to 32 quite sedately then he let rip with the full repertoire of shots, taking a right liking to the Aussie accelerating to a fine 73 before being caught on the boundary, the score is 137-6.

Steve H scores 13, including his customary 6 way into the field before smearing a full bunger straight to a fielder with us still needing 3 for a point. Stu Bell and Tom saw us claim the first point in 4 weeks before Stu was adjudged stumped. He was stumped the ball before but we think the umpire was asleep so he gave him out next ball to make up for it. Danny comes in and is given run out, when a fielder explains to the umpire that he must have been out - A curious decision which was met with words from Danny not suitable for a junior audience. Charlie takes a single into the last over and Tom scores his maiden first division 50, ending 51 not out. Bonk did not bat but was looking good and was ready to step into the breach.

On the whole a good performance in the field, but we need to be tighter in the last 10-15 overs. From a position of 20-4 we recovered brilliantly to get close. We had them worried while Wraggy and Tom were building a 117 partnership. We need to start prizing our wickets, but the good times will come and we have to be there to enjoy it.


30th May Home V Kirk Deighton. Match sponsored by Les Thornton

It was a tale of what might have been for Church Fenton 1st XI as they suffered a 173-run mauling at the hands of table-topping Kirk Deighton on Saturday, May 30.


The visitors amassed 295 for six after winning the toss and opting to bat first, a total that while high, was not felt to be out of reach at the break between innings. It could, in fact should, have been lower. Fenton felt they had Deighton’s overseas Matt Wills caught at short fine leg off the bowling of skipper Kendall Edgley before he had reached 50. The batsman was adamant he had hit the ball straight into the floor before it went to the safe hands of Steve Parker-Harrison, and the umpires agreed. Wills went on to make an excellent hundred, hitting eight sixes and nine fours. He had come to the crease with the score at 12 for one, Tom Dean having taken an early wicket. Danny Langdon also struck in his opening spell, and may have had another too had he bothered to appeal for a close leg before shout. However, Fenton found the going tough in the middle overs. Wills and Jamie Crooks (46) put on 126 for the third wicket, laying the platform for a big, big score. To the home side’s credit, they battled back with the ball. Both well-set batsmen departed in the space of five runs, Harrison the bowler on each occasion. Wills went leg before for 113, while Crooks was excellently caught at long-off by Edgley. Simon Wilman also did a decent job with the ball in tough circumstances, taking two for 53 in the closing overs, as he reaped the benefits of bowling full and straight. Still, Richard Ward (36 not out) and Michael Young (33no) put on an unbroken 55 in a hurry to carry Deighton to just shy of the 300-mark.


After another superb spread at the break (if nothing else this season, the club will win the award for the best teas in the Wetherby League), Fenton’s reply started positively. Edgley and Aussie Stuart Turner put on a half-century partnership for the first wicket. Sadly, though, that was the only stand of any real note in an innings that folded quicker than an origami expert. Turner departed to a stunning catch behind the wicket as 55 without loss quickly became 77 for five. In the space of time it takes Nig to sort out a takeaway from his restaurant (20 minutes, in case you’re wondering), the game was all-but lost. Wilman and debutant John Wilkinson, a welcome addition to the ranks after a protracted transfer saga that would have had Sky Sports’ Jim White spewing all-sorts of nonsense, were both caught trying to clear the infield, while sandwiched in between Parker-Harrison was given out lbw despite clearly indicating that he had hit the ball first. A pair of run outs continued the collapse, starting with Tom Dean failing to realise Wills, fielding at short mid-wicket, had the ball in his possession. Stephen Wragg replaced him but never even got the chance to take guard, Rob Lancaster calling for a run to point that even Usain Bolt wouldn’t have made. It was no laughing matter. Well, Stu Turner found it a little amusing. Langdon and Stephen Bell fell in back-to-back deliveries from Young to see Fenton dismissed for 122, Lancaster left unbeaten on 24 and with apologies to make on his return to the dressing room for a second successive week.


The defeat was Fenton’s third in a row, though the effort by the entire team in the field should be applauded. The cream cakes at tea were also a welcome positive, though there was nothing sweet about the batting that followed.


23rd May  Away V Scarcroft. Match sponsored by Garry Rucklidge

Fenton lost.

Fenton 113/10

Scarcroft 115/3     Tom Dean 3 for 25


16th May Home V Shadwell. Match sponsored by R&C Waterfield

Fenton Lost.

Scarcroft   354/4     Stuart Turner 4 for 85

Fenton      188/9    Kenny 35   Stuart Turner 32   Tom 32   Danny Langdon 26*


9th May  Away V St Chads. Match sponsored by Geoff Marshall

Match rained off. No result


2nd May  Home V Garforth PC. Match sponsored by Elmhurst Parker Solicitors

DYNAMIC DUO DISMANTLE GARFORTH. The 1st XI made it three wins from three at the start of the season with a resounding nine-wicket triumph over Garforth PC on May 2. The five-point triumph was all about a fine overseas import and 100 percent pure British Beef.

Aussie Stuart Turner continued his run-drenched start to his stay in England, making an unbeaten 106. His second century of 2015 took his season tally to 240 from three innings, and he is yet to be dismissed since arriving from Down Under. While Turner has no average, Simon Wilman is the leading Wetherby League batsman after hitting 94 not out. The pair shared in an outstanding unbroken partnership of 203, their efforts seeing Fenton overtake Garforth’s score of 229 for six with the small matter of 10 overs to spare. Wilman defied a thigh injury during his time at the crease; he took running between the wickets out of the equation by hitting eight sixes, the last of them off Darren Childe over cover sealing the victory.

Captain Kendall Edgley was the one batsman to be dismissed in the successful run chase. He had plundered four boundaries to reach 16 in a hurry, only to perish trying to add a fifth to his tally. At that stage the total stood at 29 for one, yet all the middle order ended up dealing with for the rest of the day was a nasty case of pad rash. The performances from Turner and Wilman were enough to warm the cockles of those hardy souls watching on what was a bitterly cold Saturday.

The conditions made fielding pretty painful work, while Fenton’s bowlers were not helped by steady rain that turned the ball into a bar of soap. Garforth’s decision to bat first had seemed a wise one as they piled on the runs, even though Danny Langdon struck an early blow with a wicket in his third over. Turner took the catch at slip at the second attempt, putting a smile briefly onto the bowler's face. However, James Stockton (35), Steve Bedford (33) and Mark Wood (37) all made useful contributions for the visitors. Even still, at 135 for five, their innings was in danger of folding faster than someone dealt a bad hand at poker night at the Fenton Flyer. However, James Baldwin – who finished up on 49 not out – and Steven Edwards (30) shared in a stand of 94 that put the pressure back on Fenton.

Edgley was the pick of the attack, taking three for 40 in his 12-over spell. There was also a wicket apiece for Tom Dean and Stuart Turner, who must have found the conditions a new experience in his cricket career. The fielders manfully stuck to their task too. Langdon showed a sure touch to take an excellent first touch when dealing with a skied ball out to deep mid-wicket, though the pain it caused him left the young man hopping mad. The Bells also put their bodies on the line for the cause, father Stu and son Stephen giving it everything. There were some blows taken on the body amidst the chattering of teeth. It was so cold that Bovril should have been served at the drinks break, not orange juice.

Garforth’s final total looked good at the halfway stage (when once again the spread at tea was fabulous), and Fenton were on the ropes a little. But, on the same day Floyd Mayweather fought Manny Pacquiao in the "Fight of the Century", Turner and Wilman knocked out the opponents with a stunning partnership. It was enough to put Fenton top of the table, three points clear of Barwick in Elmet. 


25th April      Away V Old Leos. Match sponsored by Paynes Plumbers of Tadcaster

Old Leos all out for 87 in the 28th over. Tom Dean 5 for 21 in 12 overs. Fenton pass their total for the loss of 3 wickets in 16 overs.


18th April     Home V Scholes. Match sponsored by our President William Harrison

Scholes 180/9                Rob Love 4 for 34

Church Fenton 183/1            Stuart Turner 100 not out

Fenton win by 9 wickets. Fenton 5 pts, Scholes 0

Overseas batsman records maiden century in first game


2015  2nd team


12th September     Away V Kippax. Match sponsored by Moorhouse Opticians

Abandoned before starting


5th September       Home V Wetherby. Match sponsored by Keith & Jean Ellis

Fenton win by 28 runs

Church Fenton 221/8   Ash Richardson 66   Matt Reynolds 61   Garry Rucklidge 47

Wetherby 193/8      Ash Richardson 3 for 38


29th August      Away V Crompark.

Match conceeded by Fenton. Everybody went to the Leeds Festival


22nd August       Away V Long Marston. Match sponsored by Paynes Plumbers

Abandoned after starting. The rain, when it finally arrived, was biblical.

Fenton   147/10     Mark Moorhouse 77   Josh Jordan 31    Everybody else - not a lot

Long Marston     55/5 


15th August   Home V Saxton. Match sponsored by Station Farm Guest House

Fenton win by 104 runs

Fenton 222/8        Dan Wilkinson 78    Stuart Bell  62      Mike Wilkinson 44

Saxton 118/10      Garry Rucklidge 3 for 18    Sean O'Brien 2 for 17


8th August   Away V Shadwell. Match sponsored by Sheila Seymour

Lost by 137 runs. Shadwell 211 for 5. Fenton not a lot.


1st August  Home V Walton. Match sponsored by Ronnie Poulter

Fenton lost by 8 wickets.

Fenton 205 for 8. Matty W 97, Danny R 45.


25th July   Away V East Keswick 2nds. Match sponsored by Jo Grogan

Fenton lost by 25 runs.


18th July   Home V Hillam 2nds. Match sponsored by John & Kath Lofthouse

Fenton win by 3 runs. Fenton 200 all out in 45th over. Mark M 45, Danny W 43, Danny R 28, Ash R 49. Hillam 197 all out in the 45th over with one ball to be bowled. Richard Milne for Hillam 85. Ash R 1 for 23 off his 12 overs. Charlie C, bowling his occasional off spin 6.5 overs 3 wickets for 34.


11th July   Away V Old Leo's 2nds. Match sponsored by David Poulter

Fenton 178 for 7. Mark M 66, Danny W 34. Old Leos won with their last pair batting in the 42nd over.


4th July  Home V South Milford. Match sponsored by Jean Mason

S. Milford 168 for 8. Fenton win by 2 wickets. Danny W 57. Matty R plays a captains innings with 20 not out to win the match.


27th June  Home V Kippax. Match sponsored by Ronnie Poulter

Fenton lost by 123 runs. Kippax 253.Fenton 131 all out.


20th June  Away V Wetherby 2nds. Match sponsored by Keith & Jean Ellis.

Fenton lost by 6 wickets. Fenton 177 all out in 45 overs. Adam H 43, Warren 40, Ash 39, Danny R 21.


13th June  Home V Crompark. Match sponsored by Len Marshall.

Fenton lost by 4 wickets. Fenton 115 all out. Matty W 53.


6th June  Home V Long Marston 2nds. Match sponsored by K & B Wilkinson

Fenton lost by 8 wickets.


30th May  Away V Saxton 2nds. Match sponsored by Les Thornton

Fenton won by 110 runs. Mark M 64


23rd May Home V Shadwell A. Match sponsored by Garry Rucklidge

Fenton Lost by 4 wickets. Fenton 176 for 8.

Shadwell reduced to 59 for 5 but only lose one more wicket.


16th May Away V Walton Park. Match sponsored by R & C Waterfield

Fenton won by 30 runs. Fenton 193 for 9. Walton 163 for 7.

Vice-captain Paul W was in charge as captain, Stuart B, had been called into the first team. Fenton batted first. Paul W (8) and Charlie C (0) opened the innings and the match started slowly. After 5 overs and with a surprising 5 runs on the board, Paul decided action needed to be taken and promptly ran Charlie out. Mark M joined the inaction. After 10 overs the score had moved on to 12. In the 13th over Paul W decided that further action was needed and promtly got himself out, caught chipping a gentle catch back to the bowler. 21 for 2 and Warren D came to the wicket. By the time the opening bowlers from Walton, Steve W and Paul R, were taken off after 16 overs, we had galloped along to 29. To be fair, these bowlers had kept it tight and the strong, gusting wind induced enough variable movement in the air to make batting awkward. 

The scoring rate improved. At 20 overs we had 43, by 30 overs 104 runs. Warren is one of our Junior coaches currently taking the Under 13's. To watch Warren bat is to remember the importance of hand/eye co-ordination. If any of his shots came out of a coaching manual, I missed it. However it worked. We think he was dropped 5 times but we're not sure (we lost count). The ball kept flying into the air and for reasons we couldn't understand, nobody got near to them. By the time he was out for 82, we had moved on to 164 in the 36th over. There were 10 fours and 1 six, meaning there were 36 actually run between the wickets, which brings me onto Mark M's innings and the size of the Walton ground. Walton's ground is extremely big, possibly the biggest in the league though Old Leos ground might be a similar size. Mark, 2 months short of his 60th birthday, scored 75 cultured runs (that was Walton's description after the match, though they had been watching Warren at the other end). Mark hit 6 fours meaning 51 were run in ones, twos and even a three. Frankly, he was k.......d/extremely tired, and relieved to be out in the 40th over for a rest prior to trying to field, 188 for 4. The tail started at 5 in the Fenton batting line up this Saturday and didn't wag as we proceeded to add 5 more runs in the remaining 5 overs to finish on 193 for 9.

Walton's batting started off a lot faster than Fenton's and it didn't take long for Paul W to take Alex and Josh out of the attack, though Josh, (5 overs 1 wicket for 23), did bowl one of the openers. Ash R proceeded to show the young ones how to bowl with 12 tight overs, 8 maidens, 0 wickets for 6 runs. Ash commented afterwards that he couldn't remember bowling 12 overs and not getting a wicket. It probably did get wickets, however, for Warren, bowling slow something or others (nobody's entirely sure what), at the other end. 10 overs, 1 maiden, 4 wickets for 20. Alex, (11 overs, 2 wickets for 62 runs), finally returned to get a couple of wickets but needs to address where he's pitching the ball, whatever speed he decides to bowl at. Elliott also got a bit of tap finishing with 8 overs for 48 runs. Walton finished at 163 for 7 off their 45 overs, a win for Fenton by 30 runs. Fenton 5 points Walton 1 point.

Other highlights - one was Paul W's excellent keeping behind the wicket, not perfect but a good performance and Warren's fielding. One gentle catch at point was so simple that he forgot to use his hands, headed the ball, turned round, forgot where he was and fell over. 5 minutes later, a drink of water, and he appeared to be back to normal. 82 runs, 4 wickets and a concussion. Finally, Walton's tea at half time was fantastic. There was too much. We think it was their attempt to slow us down in the field which is obviously an absurd idea. How could we possibly get any slower than we are already. Anyway, a good win and a surprisingly peaceful afternoon. What was missing? 


9th May  Home V East Keswick "A". Match sponsored by Geoff Marshall

Lost by 4 wickets


2nd May  Away V Hillam "A". Match sponsored by Elmhurst Parker Solicitors

Won by 40 runs. Fenton 232 all out. Hillam 192 for 5.

Toby S 96, Charlie 48, Alex W 35, Mark M 35, Joseph M not out


25th April  Home V Old Leos. Match sponsored by Paynes Plumbers of Tadcaster

Won by 7 wickets


18th April     Away V South Milford "A". Match sponsored by our President William Harrison


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